#8 - Canada legalized same sex marriages in 1996...

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Family Family Definitions: Definitions: Extended:  grandparents, aunts, uncles cousins Nuclear:  Husband, wife, and children Family of orientation:  family in which you grow up in Family of procreation:  family formed when a couple has their first child Trends Trends One parent Families 1930’s death of a parent 1960’s The number of one parent families lessened –    adult death rate lessened 2000 increase – more women having children outside of marriage – divorce  Implications – poverty  Blended Families Half the children  today will live in households with their original  parents Gay Families Denmark was the first to legalized same sex marriages
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Unformatted text preview: Canada legalized same sex marriages in 1996 Intentional Families People who declare themselves a family and treat one another as members of the same family even thought they are not related. This is in response to the for intimacy not met due to distance, divorce, and death Common-law marriage Comparing Psychological, Biological,& Sociological Explanations, Cont. Psychology: Personality disorders unconscious urges Biology: Genetic predispositions 1. lower intelligence 2. XYY (Richard Speck) 3. Body-types (muscular) Street crime Sociology: Social factors Sub cultures Social Class...
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#8 - Canada legalized same sex marriages in 1996...

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