12 Crime and Social Deviance

12 Crime and Social Deviance - Crime (violation of norms...

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#12 Crime and Social Deviance #12 Crime and Social Deviance Explanations Explanations Psychology : Personality disorders unconscious urges ¨ ± ² ¶ “ Biology : Genetic predispositions 1. Lower intelligence 2. XYY (Richard Speck) 3. Body-types (muscular) – Street crime Sociology : Social factors, Sub cultures, Social Class Definitions Social deviance : A violation of any societal norms ³It is not the act itself, but the reactions to the act,” Deviance : A relative concept Look at culture Stigma (attributes that discredit people) Master status (cuts across other statuses an individual occupies
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Unformatted text preview: Crime (violation of norms that have been written into law varies ) Crime Social DevianceA Continuum Crime Social DevianceA Continuum Sociologist Non-judgmental Differential Association: Learning deviant behaviour or conformity is influenced most by people we associate with - Friends neighbourhoods, Subcultures, Prison or freedom Labeling Theory Denial of responsibility e.g. accident Denial of injury e.g. what I did was wrong but no one got hurt Condemnation of the condemners Appeal to higher loyalties #12 Crime and Social Deviance...
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