Introduction to Social Issues

Introduction to Social Issues - Introduction to Social...

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Introduction to Social Issues Class #1 Attendance Introductions Course Outline/Learning Objectives Book Store - Text book Getting Started on Social Analysis in Canada Chapter 1 - Social Analysis Chapter 2 - Health Care What is a Social Issue? From Wikipedia Social issues are matters which directly or indirectly affect many or all members of a society and are considered to be problems, controversies related to moral valuews, or both. Social issues include poverty, violence, pollution, injustice, suppression of human rights, discrimination, crime, racism, homelessness, unemopoloyment and abuse to name a few. Social issues are related to the fabric of the community, including conflicts among the interests of community members, and lie beyond the control of any one individual. What is Social Analysis? Social analysis is a term that is used in sociology, anthropology and development studies, often in relation to social justice particularly regarding poverty alleviation. "Social analyst" is also a phrase used to describe social commentators. “Social analysis means raising questions about society and seeking answers. Its purpose is not only to develop a critical awareness of the world but also to lead towards social justice.” Who is benefiting in society and who is getting hurt? Chapter 1 - Social Analysis
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Introduction to Social Issues - Introduction to Social...

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