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# 3- questions - 1. Perception involves a) Sensing,...

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Chapter 2 1. Perception involves a) Sensing, organizing, interpreting-evaluating. 2. Primacy effect is a part of the theory referred to as a) First impression 3. Implicit personality theories are b) Rules telling us which characteristics go with other characteristics. 4. Attribution is a process of a) Explaining motivation for behaviour 5 . An important rule to increase your accuracy in people perception is to c) Check your perceptions 6. We make judgments about others based on each of the following EXCEPT a) stereotypes b) away to increase self-awareness c) Seeing from the other’s point of view d) Implicit theries. 7. Acting as if a prediction were true is a) Recency effect b) Primacy effect c) Stereotyping d) Self-fulfilling prophecy 8. Assumptions about personality traits that go with other traits is called b) Implicit theories 9. Believing a person has all positive qualities because he or she has some positive qualities is called a) The HALO effect 10. The tendency to maintain balance among perceptions or attitudes is called
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# 3- questions - 1. Perception involves a) Sensing,...

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