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11 Confilc - #8 Emotional Message 1. Emotions consist of a...

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#8 Emotional Message 1. Emotions consist of i. a physical part (our physiological reactions); ii. a cognitive part (our interpretations of our feelings); and iii. a cultural part (the influence of om cultural traditions on our emotional evaluations and expressions). 2. Our primary emotions , according to Robert Plutchik (1980), are joy , acceptance , fear , surprise , sadness , disgust , anger , and anticipation . 3. Psychologists have proposed different explanations of how emotions are aroused . One reasonable sequence is this: An event occurs , we respond physiologically , we interpret this arousal , and we experience the emotion . 4. Emotional expression is largely a matter of choice , though it is heavily influenced by culture and gender. 5. Useful principles of emotional communication include the following: emotions are always important; emotional expression and emotional feeling are not the same thing; emotions are communicated both verbally and nonverbally; emotional expression can be both good and bad; emotions are contagious. 6. Among the obstacles to effective communication of feelings are: societal rules and customs, fear of making oneself vulnerable, denial, inadequate communication skills. 7. The following guidelines should help make your emotional expression more meaningful : Understand your feelings; decide if you wish to express your feelings (not all feelings need be or should be expressed); assess your communication options; describe your feelings as accurately as possible; identify the reasons for your feelings; anchor your feelings and their expression to the present time; own your own feelings. 8.
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11 Confilc - #8 Emotional Message 1. Emotions consist of a...

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