# 2 - 1 In the Johari Window the information about yourself...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. In the Johari Window, the information about yourself that you don't know but others do is your a) Hidden self b) Open self c) Blind self d) Unknown self 2. In the Johari Window, the things that we know about ourselves and keep to ourselves represent our a) Unknown self b) Blind self c) Hidden self d) Open self 3. When you move information from the hidden self into the open self, you're a) self-disclosing b) eEmpowering c) affirming d) depressed 4. The most hospitable setting for self-disclosure is a) A dyad b) a public speaking situation c) small groups d) large groups 5. Which of the following is NOT true about self-disclosure? a) Self-disclosure increases relationship satisfaction b) Women generally self-disclose more than men c) Reciprocal self-disclosure occurs at higher levels face-to-face than it does online. d) People who self-disclose are less vulnerable to illness 6. The more you perceive a situation as one in which others will evaluate you, the greater your _________ will be. a) Apprehension b) Self awareness c) Unpredictability d) Self disclosure 7. Affirmation involves a) saying "yes" to another's requests b) engendering self-acceptance c) empathizing with someone who wishes to disclose d) taking risks with self-disclosure 8. Acquiring communication skills, focusing on success, and reducing unpredictability are ways of managing a)...
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# 2 - 1 In the Johari Window the information about yourself...

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