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chem Lab Light - Very Short Report Rubric Emissions...

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Very Short Report Rubric Emissions Experiment Robbie Grove Chem053 Lab Write Up Focus Questions What are the % relative deviations for the hydrogen emission lines? How do the emissions spectra of various light sources compare? What the relationship between the distance (between source of light and spectrometer) and intensity of the light. Data – 14 pts Note: The values given in this lab for the hydrogen spectra experimental wavelengths and the values given for the purple and white night light were both attain from the professor for this lab. Moreover, we did not save the flash light wavelength data to the computer; thus, the data given for the flash light was also provided to us through the professor. Part 1 - Hydrogen Spectrum: Transition Theoretical Wavelength (nm) Experimental Wavelength (nm) % relative deviation (in %) 6 to 2 410.7 N.A N.A 5 to 2 434.6 431.2 7.823 x 10 -3 4 to 2 486.7 480.6 1.253 x 10 -2 3 to 2 657.1 655.7 2.131 x 10 -3 Observations: This part of the lab was omitted during class and the data was provided to my group through the professor. However, below are some observations about each of the graphs provided. Graph 1 showed that hydrogen emitted light with an experimental wavelength of 655.7 nm.
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chem Lab Light - Very Short Report Rubric Emissions...

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