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We the People 7e. Chapter 12 Title Description Reference agency representation the type of representation in which a representative is held accountable to a constituency if he or she fails to represent that constituency properly apportionment the process, occurring after every decennial census, that allocates congressional seats among the fifty states appropriations the amounts of money approved by Congress in statutes (bills) that each unit or agency of government can spend bicameral having a legislative assembly composed of two chambers or houses bill a proposed law that has been sponsored by a member of Congress and submitted to the clerk of the House or Senate caucus (congressional) an association of members of Congress based on party, interest, or social group, such as gender or race caucus (political) a normally closed meeting of a political or legislative group to select candidates, plan strategy, or make decisions regarding legislative matters closed rule provision by the House Rules Committee limiting or prohibiting the introduction of amendments during debate cloture a rule allowing a majority of two-thirds or three-fifths of the members of a legislative body to set a time limit on debate over a given bill committee markup session in which a congressional committee rewrites legislation to incorporate changes discussed during hearings on the bill conference a gathering of House Republicans every two years to elect their House leaders. Democrats call their gathering the caucus conference committee a joint committee created to work out a compromise on House and Senate
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Ch12 Flashcards - Title agency representation apportionment...

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