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Ch23 StudyPlan - examine the controversial issue of...

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Chapter 23 Study Plan In this chapter, we will: examine the Texas legislature and the role that it plays in Texas government. We will begin by discussing bicameralism. We will look at the membership of both houses, including qualifications for office, characteristics of incumbent members, and salaries. consider the different types of sessions that are called for the state legislature and the powers possessed by the legislature. Unlike the U.S. Congress, the Texas State Legislature may meet in regular session only 140 days every two years. discuss how a bill becomes a law in Texas and study the roles that key individuals play in the legislative process. Although the state legislative process and that of Congress have many similarities, they also have some important differences, particularly in the roles played by individuals such as the governor and the Texas comptroller. explore how power is exercised in the legislature. We will explain how power has come to be centralized in the hands of the Speaker of the House and the lieutenant governor. We will also
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Unformatted text preview: examine the controversial issue of redistricting. Organize 1. Follow this Study Plan to access your chapter assignments. 2. Print out the Chapter Outline and bring it to lecture to help structure your note-taking and check-off topics covered in class. 3. Take the Diagnostic Quiz to assess your understanding of basic concepts. Examine the diagnostic quiz feedback, then review your notes and re-read sections in your textbook or ebook that correspond to questions you missed. Learn 1. Read Chapter 23 in your textbook or ebook. 2. Read the Chapter Review of Chapter 23. Note any material you have difficulty remembering from the text. 3. Master the key terms for this chapter by working through the deck of Flashcards . Connect 1. Explore the Interactive Politics Simulation and the questions that follow. 2. Complete the questions in the Exploring Texas Politics exercise . 3. Mobilize for political action with Mobilize.org !...
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