HW 5 - B a substitutional solid soln of incomplete solubility C an interstitial solid soln Element ∆ R Structure negativity Valence Cu FCC 2 C-44

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EGN3365-Structure and Properties of Materials T Th 8:30-9:45 Instructor: Dr. S. Seal TA: H. Bhatt Home-Work 5 . Problem 1: Determine of the number of vacancies per cubic meter in iron at 850 C (1123 K) Problem 2: Below the atomic radius, crystal structure elecronegativity and valance for several elements are given find Which of the following element would you expect to form the following with copper A] a substitutional solid solution having complete solubility
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Unformatted text preview: B] a substitutional solid soln of incomplete solubility C] an interstitial solid soln. Element ∆ R% Structure negativity Valence Cu FCC 2+ C-44 H-64 O-53 Ag +13 FCC 1+ Al +12 FCC-0.4 3+ Co-2 HCP-0.1 2+ Cr-2 BCC-0.3 3+ Fe-3 BCC-0.1 2+ Ni-3 FCC-0.1 2+ Pd +8 FCC +0.3 2+ Pt +9 FCC +0.3 2+ Zn +4 HCP-0.3 2+ Problem 3: Calculate the composition in atom percent, of a 30 wt% Zn-70 wt% Cu alloy?...
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