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1212 Woodbrush Dr San Antonio, TX 78249 October 30, 2020 Mr, Brendin Ackerman President Texas Lifestyles Medicine 9600 Medical Dr Houston, TX 83048 Dear Mr. Ackerman: On October 29 some of my colleagues and I read an article in the South Texas Weekly about Texas Lifestyles Medicine opening a health-care clinic in the downtown Houston area. We were very impressed with the information we read in the newspaper article and to hear of the success that Texas lifestyles is experiencing. San Antonio Health Center is a 1.6 million dollar health clinic servicing people throughout the San Antonio area and is considering opening its own health-care clinic. We are interested in information concerning this process. We feel that leaning about your experiences in the process could be helpful in our efforts toward starting our health-care clinic. We would appreciate any information about your health-care clinic you think would be helpful to our company. We are particularly interested in the following areas of information: do you use part- or full- time doctors, general practitioners or specialists, registered nurses or technicians, as well as what types of services that are provided. We would greatly appreciate any information you could provide to us to help us through our transition to a health-care clinic. Best regards, Kendra Rowland Director of Development San Antonio Health Center 1212 Woodbrush Dr San Antonio, TX 78249 Tel: 826-827-9370 www.SAHC.net
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9384 North Hampton St. San Antonio, TX 83740 December 9, 2006 Dear Mr. Ebbert: Thank you for your request for information about our products and services. We are pleased to hear that you would like to pursue business with us. Personal Prints is one of the leading printing companies in the state of Texas and we
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TakeHome - 1212 Woodbrush Dr San Antonio, TX 78249 October...

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