Movie Notes - Isolation to organized war machine Propaganda...

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Movie Notes 21:31 John D Rockefeller Sr. – richest man. Early known to crush anyone who got in his way Vicious businessman and criminal  Needed to change the image or Rockefeller Sr. Strike in 1913 against Rockefeller against coal mining and oil Ivy Lee – image maker wizard. Persuasion. Woodrow Wilson was president Had Rockefeller JR communicate w/miners and improve image Changed public perceptions of mine operators responsibility for the strike. Changed perception of JDR from hate to love Working conditions improved Edward Bernays was the 1 st  PR person and paved the way for the profession Worked w/ Pres Wilson to promote image of war to end all wars (WW1).
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Unformatted text preview: Isolation to organized war machine Propaganda was very effective Applied sociology and psychology Women and smoking campaign 1929 was the 50 th anniversary of the light bulb o HUGE successful event Dinner between Ford and Edison Influence or power? Ethics? Pseudo events not naturally occurring news event. Staged and planned to get media/public attention. Controversial. Ex: women smoking Ex: PETA wanted to protest circus, lady painted like a tiger in a cage media attention. 21:31 21:31...
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Movie Notes - Isolation to organized war machine Propaganda...

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