Exam 3 rvw - COM 3523 EXAM 3 REVIEW SPRING 2010 The exam...

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The exam will be true/false, multiple choice, and short answer (lists, descriptions, definitions). On short answer questions it is your responsibility to communicate to me what you know --the burden of proof is on you to answer the questions as thoroughly as possible using accurate terms . CH 8 Evaluation Where does evaluating impacts/results begin? o Evaluation impact/planning begins in the planning process. Evaluation should coordinate with the objectives Which type of objective is most difficult to accomplish? o Motivational objectives are the most difficult to achieve (as opposed to informational). Did PR efforts cause the effect or did something else (adv/mkt)? Be able to list the types of info gathered in basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of measurement o Basic – targeted audiences, impressions, and media placements (quantity over quality). Number of releases, prints, mentions etc. o Intermediate – reception, awareness, comprehension, retention (whether or not the audience was actually aware of what they were exposed to). o Advanced – behavior, attitude, and opinion change (highest level measuring whether or not people were influenced by the message/how). What are some ways to measure production ? o Measure output of press releases, photos, journals, letters etc. o Why is it unrealistic for management to set media coverage expectations? We can't control production and usage of our message. Media gatekeepers control the output/selection. Be able to list and describe various ways to measure message exposure o what is a media impression ? How is this calculated? How many people may have been exposed to the mssg. Measured – circulation of the print. Estimate audience size. Incorporate un subscribed members. o what is advertising equivalency ? what are some problems with using this measurement? Monetary equivalent of message exposure Fails to account for the fact that message may not be the way you wanted it (tone, pos/neg, key points). Can't control size/output. o what is systematic tracking and why might it be used ? Analyzing media for exposure using sophisticated software to measure tone, key points, etc. what is benchmarking? Measuring consistently over time to monitor changes over time o what is cost per person? How is this different from cost per thousand ? Cost of reaching each person/CPM)
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Exam 3 rvw - COM 3523 EXAM 3 REVIEW SPRING 2010 The exam...

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