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Communism Part I

Communism Part I - Political Ideas in Practice...

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11/9/2010 1 Political Ideas in Practice Revolutionary Passion To explain the power of political mythologies, we have to go back to the time of their birth. Before being dishonored by its crimes, Communism as well as Fascism were seen as rays of hope, as the blueprint for a new society after the catastrophe of the First World War. It is hard to imagine either Fascism or Communism without WWI. Quick Recap of WWI
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11/9/2010 2 Quick Recap of WWI Early roots can be found in 1789 and the French Revolution => the birth of Nationalism and Political Ideologies. exactly in the year of 1789 when the French philosopher Antoine Destutt de Tracy was creating this artificial word. But it was also the birth of democracy as a mass movement => a development feared by the monarchies of Europe. Quick Recap of WWI With the defeat of Napoleon the victorious powers tried to restore the old order and keep democratic pressures under control. There were, however, sporadic and substantial outbreaks demanding political representation (i.e. 1848) Democracy and Nationalism, however, grew continuously stronger (German Unification in 1870, Italian Unification in 1871). => the birth of the Nation State. Quick Recap of WWI Through a strong net of personal relations (most monarchs were related) the “anciens regimes” were able to prevent a great power war for almost a hundred years. They did, however, overestimate the role they still played in politics. They lacked the power to override the military and
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Communism Part I - Political Ideas in Practice...

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