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Haijuan Gao Department of Health and Kinesiology HK225 Sexuality and Health Plan of 2010 Fall after Mid-term exam 10 October 25 (M) “Middle Sexes”* Video Chapter 9 October 27 (W) Gender Issues Chapter 5 October 29 (F) Gender Issues Chapter 5 11 November 1 (M) “Science of the Sexes”* Video & “Science of Sexes” Video Discussion Chapter 5 Due: “Middle Sexes”* Video November 3 (W) Communication, Attraction, Love and Relationships Chapter 7 November 5 (F) Sexual Behaviors Chapter 8 12 November 8 (M) Chapter 8 November 10 (W) Sex Over the Lifespan Chapter 12 and 13 Due: “Science of the Sexes”* Video November 12 (F) Atypical Sexual Behaviors Chapter 16 13 November 15 (M) Sexual Coercion and Rape Chapter 17 November 17 (W) Tentative Guest Lecturer
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Unformatted text preview: Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention November 19 (F) Sex for sells Chapter 18 14 November 22 (M) Group Work on Presentation Bring Necessary Materials To Work On November 24 (W) Thanksgiving vocation no class---------------------------November 26 (F) Thanksgiving vocation no class---------------------------15 November 29 (M) CLASS PRESENTATIONS DUE : ALL Group Presentations and Materials December 1 (W) CLASS PRESENTATIONS---------------------December 3 (F) CLASS PRESENTATIONS---------------------16 December 6 (M) “Threesome” Movie---------------------December 8 (W) “Threesome” Movie---------------------December 10 (F) LAST DAY OF CLASS “Threesome” Movie---------------------17 To be Announced FINAL EXAM All lectures after the Mid term...
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