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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 22

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 22 - this book is...

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Preface W elcome to Computer Science Illuminated! This book provides a broad and thorough exploration of computer systems within a computer science context. Although this is classified as a CS-0 book, we realize that the term CS-0 means different things to different people. Independently, both of us have written successful textbooks on various topics, but this book represents our first opportunity for such a comprehensive exploration of computing. We're thrilled to join forces to offer this book. We take pedagogy seriously—and we know you do, too. This book is designed as a breadth-first introduction to the field of computer science, providing a comprehensive and rigorous exploration of a variety of topics. It provides a general understanding of computers in all their aspects, and it lays a solid foundation to support further study. Therefore,
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Unformatted text preview: this book is appropriate both for computer science majors beginning their studies and for non-majors seeking a broad but complete overview. Choice of Topics We used many sources in putting together the outline of topics for this text. We looked at course catalogue descriptions and book outlines, and administered a questionnaire designed to find out what you, our colleagues, thought should be included in such a course. We answered the following three questions and asked you to do the same. • What topics should students master in a CS-0 course if it is the only computer science course they will take during their college experience? • What topics should students have mastered before entering your CS-1 course? Preface xxi...
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