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the chapter is within the layer. We have said that the first and last chapters form bookends. Although they are not part of the layers of the computing onion, we have given each a color that shows up in the onion, the slide, and the color bar. Open the book anywhere and you can immediately tell where you are within the layers of computing. We use different fonts for algorithms, in- cluding identifiers in running text, and program code, to visually separate the abstract from the concrete in the programming layer. You know at a glance whether the discussion is at the logical (algorithmic) level or at the pro- gramming language level. We color addresses in red in order to clarify visually the distinction between an address and the contents of an address. Color is especially useful in Chapter 7, Low- Level Programming Languages. Instructions are color coded to differentiate the parts of an instruction. The operation code is green, the register designation is clear, and the addressing mode specifier is blue. Operands are shaded gray. As in other chapters,
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