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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 38

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 38 - Ada Augusta the...

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On December 10, 1815 (the same year that George Boole was born), a daughter— Augusta Ada Byron—was born to Anna Isabella (Annabella) Byron and George Gordon, Lord Byron. At that time in England Byron’s fame derived not only from his poetry but also from his wild and scandalous behavior. The marriage was strained from the beginning, and Annabella left Byron shortly after Ada’s birth. By April of 1816, the two had signed separation papers. Byron left England, never to return. Throughout the rest of his life he regretted that he was unable to see his daughter. At one point he wrote of her, I see thee not. I hear thee not. But none can be so wrapt in thee. Before he died in Greece, at age 36, he exclaimed, Oh my poor dear child! My dear Ada! My God, could I but have seen her! Meanwhile, Annabella, who eventually was to become a baroness in her own right, and who was educated as both a mathematician and a poet, carried on with Ada’s upbringing and education. Annabella gave Ada
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