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1.2 The History of Computing 15 connections. Integrated circuits were much smaller, cheaper, faster, and more reliable than printed circuit boards. Gordon Moore, one of the cofounders of Intel, noted that from the time of the invention of the IC, the number of circuits that could be placed on a single integrated circuit was doubling each year. This observation became known as Moore’s law.” 4 Transistors also were used for memory construction. Each transistor represented one bit of information. Integrated-circuit technology allowed memory boards to be built using transistors. Auxiliary storage devices were still needed because transistor memory was volatile; that is, the infor- mation went away when the power was turned off. The terminal , an input/output device with a keyboard and screen, was introduced during this generation. The keyboard gave the user direct access to the computer, and the screen provided immediate response. Fourth Generation (1971–?)
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