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Ethical Issues 27 your future holds, with computing systems as prevalent as they are, a fundamental understanding of how they work is imperative. Microsoft Anti-Trust Case In 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen formed a partnership and named it Microsoft. They created the business in anticipation of a future where software would be in high demand as personal computers became stan- dard household commodities. Their vision came true, and the company that began in a Harvard University dorm room has become the world’s leader in the software industry. Today, over 90% of all personal computers use Microsoft’s Windows as their operating system. Microsoft’s efforts to dominate the market have led the company into a critical period that will greatly impact its future. In the early 90s, Microsoft felt that advancements made in Internet technology threatened their dominance. With the advent of the web, personal computers no longer needed to rely on their independent systems. Internet browsers were the wave of the future and Microsoft believed
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