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28 Chapter 1 The Big Picture The Justice Department sued Microsoft on October 20, 1997 for violating the 1994 consent decree. The Department of Justice accused Microsoft of bundling Internet Explorer with their operating system, but Microsoft denied anti-competition intentions and claimed that Internet Explorer was an integrated component of Windows. Microsoft’s contention was that the packaged deal did not hurt consumers or their competition. The company stated that the browser could not be removed from the operating system without compromising its quality. The argument against Microsoft asserted that the company acted in violation of antitrust laws, which were established to protect competi- tion. Microsoft’s opponents saw the bundling of Internet Explorer as an attempt to monopolize the market by eliminating competition. In April of 2000, the court ruled that Microsoft was indeed a monopoly, and that its bundling of Internet Explorer was in violation of antitrust laws. At that time, Judge Thomas Jackson ordered the breakup
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