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42. Why was Ada Lovelace called the first programmer? 43. To what English poet was Ada Lovelace related? Thought Questions 1. Identify five abstractions in your school environment. Indicate what details are hidden by the abstraction and how the abstraction helps manage complexity. 2. Explain the statement “The history of computing can be traced through the ever-changing definition of the user .” 3. Did you have a computer in the home as you were growing up? If so, how did it influence your education to this point? If not, how did the
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Unformatted text preview: lack of one influence your education to this point? 4. In 1969 an antitrust action was filed against IBM. What was the basis of the case? How was it resolved? 5. Compare the 1969 antitrust action against IBM with the 1990s action against Microsoft. 6. Is it in the interest of the computer user that curbs be placed on multi-billion-dollar corporations like Microsoft and IBM? ? Thought Questions 31...
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