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Character set A list of the characters and the codes used to represent each one 3.3 Representing Text 63 That is, there is one whole number. In many programming languages, if you print out a large real value without specifying how to print it, the value is printed in scientific notation. Because exponents could not be printed in early machines, an “E” was used instead. For example, 12001.32708 would be written as 1.200132708E+4 in scientific notation. 3.3 Representing Text A text document can be decomposed into paragraphs, sentences, words, and ultimately individual characters. To represent a text document in digital form, we simply need to be able to represent every possible char- acter that may appear. The document is the continuous (analog) entity, and the separate characters are the discrete (digital) elements that we need to represent and store in computer memory. We should distinguish at this point between the basic idea of repre- senting text and the more involved concept of word processing. When we
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