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74 Chapter 3 Data Representation Red Black Green Cyan Yellow Blue White Magenta Figure 3.10 Three-dimensional color space value of (255, 255, 0) maximizes the contribution of red and green, and minimizes the contribution of blue, which results in a bright yellow. The concept of RGB values gives rise to a three-dimensional “color space.” One way to display such a color space is shown in Figure 3.10. The amount of data that is used to represent a color is called the color depth . It is usually expressed in terms of the number of bits that are used to represent its color. HiColor is a term that indicates a 16-bit color depth. Five bits are used for each number in an RGB value and the extra bit is
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Unformatted text preview: sometimes used to represent transparency. TrueColor indicates a 24-bit color depth. Therefore, each number in an RGB value gets eight bits, which gives the range of 0 to 255 for each. This results in the ability to represent over 16.7 million unique colors. The following chart shows a few TrueColor RGB values and the colors they represent: Keep in mind that 24-bit TrueColor provides more colors than the human eye can distinguish. To reduce file sizes, a technique called indexed color is Blue Actual Color 255 255 82 Green RGB Value 255 255 130 81 95 Red 255 255 255 146 157 140 black white yellow pink brown purple maroon...
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