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Unformatted text preview: Ethical Issues 79 W W W Summary Computers are multimedia devices that manipulate data varying in form from numbers to graphics to video. Because a computer can only manipu- late binary values, all forms of data must be represented in binary form. Data is classified as being continuous (analog) or discrete (digital). Integer values are represented by their binary equivalent, using one of several techniques for representing negative numbers, such a sign magni- tude or one’s complement. Real numbers are represented by a triple made up of the sign, the digits in the number, and an exponent that specifies the radix point. A character set is a list of alphanumeric characters and the codes that represent each one. The most common character set is Unicode (16 bits for each character), which has ASCII as a subset. The 8-bit ASCII set is suffi- cient for English but not for other (or multiple) languages. There are various ways for compressing text so that it takes less space to store it or less time to transmit it from one machine to another.less time to transmit it from one machine to another....
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