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Exercises 83 17. How is a real value stored in a computer? 18. Convert the rules for subtraction in a sign-magnitude system to the algorithm format. 19. How many bits would be needed to represent a character set containing 45 characters? Why? 20. How can the decimal number 175.23 be represented as a sign, mantissa, and exponent? 21. What is the main difference between the ASCII and Unicode character sets? 22. Create a keyword encoding table that contains a few simple words. Rewrite a paragraph of your choosing using this encoding scheme.
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Unformatted text preview: Compute the compression ratio you achieve. 23. How would the following string of characters be represented using run-length encoding? AAAABBBCCCCCCCCDDDD hi there EEEEEEEEEFF 24. Given the following Huffman encoding table, decipher the bit strings below. a. 1101110001011 b. 0110101010100101011111000 c. 10100100101000010001000010100110110 d. 10100010010101000100011101000100011 Huffman Code Character 00 11 010 0110 0111 1000 1011 10010 10011 101000 101001 101010 101011 A E T C L S R O I N F H D...
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