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84 Chapter 3 Data Representation 25. How do humans perceive sound? 26. Is a stereo speaker an analog or a digital device? Explain. 27. What is an RGB value? 28. What does color depth indicate? 29. How does pixel resolution affect the visual impact of an image? 30. Explain temporal video compression. 31. Describe a situation in which spatial video compression would be effective. 32. Define sampling as it relates to digitizing sound waves. 33. Which produces better sound quality, higher sampling rates or lower sampling rates? 34. What is the sampling rate per second that is enough to create reason- able sound reproduction? 35. Do vinyl record albums and compact discs record sound the same way? 36. What does an RGB value of (130, 0, 255) mean? 37. What color does an RGB value of (255, 255, 255) represent? 38. What is resolution? 39. The GIF format uses what technique?
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Unformatted text preview: 40. What are GIF files best for? 41. How are the various video codecs alike? 42. How are the various video codecs different? 43. Name two types of video compression. 44. What do we call the perception of the various frequencies of light that reach the retinas of our eyes? 45. What is the best format for photographic color images? 46. What are the techniques called that shrink the sizes of movies? 47. What is the technique in which an application supports only a certain number of specific colors, creating a palette from which to choose? 48. What is the format that describes an image in terms of lines and geometric shapes? 49. What format stores information on a pixel-by-pixel basis? 50. What is the difference between HiColor and TrueColor?...
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