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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 117

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 117 - 90 Chapter 4...

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Truth table A table showing all possible input values and the associated output values 90 Chapter 4 Gates and Circuits symbols in various ways we can visually represent the logic of an entire circuit. A truth table defines the function of a gate by listing all possible input combinations that the gate could encounter, and the corresponding output. We can design more complex truth tables with sufficient rows and columns to show how entire circuits perform for any set of input values. 4.2 Gates The gates in a computer are sometimes referred to as logic gates because they each perform one logical function. Each gate accepts one or more input values and produces a single output value. Since we are dealing with binary information, each input and output value is either 0, corresponding to a low-voltage signal, or 1, corresponding to a high-voltage signal. The type of gate and the input values determine the output value. Let’s examine the processing of the following six
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