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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 122

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 122 - 4.2 Gates 95...

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4.2 Gates 95 columns for the truth tables for the AND and NAND gates. They are opposite, row by row. The same is true for the OR and NOR gates. Review of Gate Processing We’ve looked at six specific types of gates. It may seem to be a difficult task to keep them straight and remember how they all work. Well, that probably depends on how you think about it. We definitely don’t encourage you to try to memorize truth tables. The processing of these gates can be described briefly in general terms. If you think of them that way, you can produce the appropriate truth table any time you need it. Let’s review the processing of each gate. Some of these descriptions are in terms of what input values cause the gate to produce a 1 as output; in any other case, it produces a 0. A NOT gate inverts its single input value. An AND gate produces 1 if both input values are 1. An OR gate produces 1 if one or the other or both input values are 1.
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