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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 126

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 126 - 4.4 Circuits 99...

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Combinational circuit A circuit whose output is solely determined by its input values Sequential circuit A circuit whose output is a function of input values and the current state of the circuit 4.4 Circuits 99 one for the NOT. The same reasoning can be made for the relationship between NOR and OR gates. 4.4 Circuits Now that we know how individual gates work, and how they are actually constructed, let’s examine how we combine gates into circuits. Circuits can be separated into two general categories. In a combinational circuit , the input values explicitly determine the output. In a sequential circuit , the output is a function of the input values as well as the existing state of the circuit. Thus, sequential circuits usually involve the storage of information. Most of the circuits we examine in this chapter are combinational circuits, though we briefly mention sequential memory circuits as well. Keep in mind that, as with gates, we can describe the operations of entire
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