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116 Chapter 5 Computing Components Goals After studying this chapter, you should be able to: ± read an ad for a computer and understand the jargon. ± list the components and their function in a von Neumann machine. ± describe the fetch-decode-execute cycle of the von Neumann machine. ± describe how computer memory is organized and accessed. ± name and describe different auxiliary storage devices. ± define three alternative parallel computer configurations. 5.1 Individual Computer Components Computing, more than most fields, has its own special jargon and acronyms. We begin this chapter by translating an ad for a desktop computer. We then examine the components of a computer as a logical whole before looking at each component in some detail. Consider the following ad for a desktop computer, as if it were real. There are two important and interesting things about this ad: The average person hasn’t the foggiest idea what it all means, and by the time you are
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Unformatted text preview: reading it, the machine that it describes will be obsolete. In this chapter, we try to interpret the acronyms; we can’t do anything about the speed at which computer hardware and software change. Dell ™ Dimension 8100 ™ Series The Advanced Performance, Smart Value Desktop • Intel ® Pentium ® IV Processor at 866 MHz • 128MB SDRAM at 1.4 GHz • 40GB Ultra ATA-100 Hard Drive (7200 RPM) • 17" (16.0" vis, .28dpi) E770 Monitor • 16MB ATI Range™ 128 Pro Graphics • 48X Max CD-ROM Drive • FREE 8X/4X/32X CD-RW Drive • SB Live! Value Digital • FREE 8X/4X/32X CD-RW Drive • SB Live! Value Digital • Altec Lansing® ACS-340™ Speakers with Subwoofer • V.90 56K Capable PCI Telephony Model for Windows ® • MS® Works Suite 2001 MS® Windows ® Me • 3-Yr Limited Warranty 1-Yr-at Home Service • 1 Year of Dellnet™ by MSN ® Internet Access Included...
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