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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 145

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 145 - 118 Chapter 5...

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118 Chapter 5 Computing Components disk. The compact disks look just like any CD in your music collection. And, in fact, if you have this drive, you can play any of your CDs on the computer. 48X Max is a measure of how fast information can be accessed on the drive. The X stands for the speed of a standard audio CD player. As an added bonus with this machine, a free CD-RW drive is installed. A CD-RW is a CD disk drive that also allows you to write information on the disk as well as read information from it. 8X/4X/32X is a measure of the read/write speed on the disk. (Bigger is better.) The next two lines describe the sound system that is installed within the computer. If you are into computer music, the sound card and the speakers are important. For some people, a computer is as much an audio system as it is a computing device. There is also usually a small internal speaker built into the computer for basic audio beeps and pings.
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  • Fall '10
  • Compact Disc, standard audio CD, PCI Telephony Modem, free CD-RW drive, CD disk drive, basic audio beeps

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