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5.2 Stored-Program Concept 119 We now move from the specific to the general. In the next several sections we look at each of the pieces of hardware that make up a computer from the logical level, rather than from a specific computer configuration. 5.2 Stored-Program Concept A major defining point in the history of computing was the realization in 1944–45 that data and instructions to manipulate the data are logically the same and could be stored in the same place. The computer design built around this principle, which became known as the von Neumann architecture , is still the basis for computers today. Although the name honors John von Neumann, a brilliant mathematician who worked on the construc- tion of the atomic bomb, the idea probably originated with J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly, two other early pioneers who worked on the ENIAC at the Moore School at the University of Pennsylvania during the same time period. von Neumann Architecture
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