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Register A small storage area in the CPU used to store interme- diate values or special data Input unit A device that accepts data to be stored in memory Output unit A device that prints or otherwise displays data stored in memory or makes a permanent copy of infor- mation stored in memory or another device In 1889 the United States Census Bureau realized that unless they found a better way to count the 1890 census, the results might not be tabulated before the next required census in 1900. Herman Hollerith had designed a method of counting based on cards with holes punched in them. This method was used for tabulating the census and the cards became known as Hollerith cards. Hollerith’s electrical tabulating system led to the founding of the company known today as IBM. See the book’s Web site for more information. Who Was Herman Hollerith? Most modern ALUs have a small amount of special storage units called registers . These registers contain one word and are used to store informa-
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