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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 160

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 160 - and a shared...

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Shared memory Multiple processors share a global memory 5.4 Interpreting Ads 133 Figure 5.8 A shared-memory configu- ration of processors ... ... Processor Processor Processor Processor Local Memory 1 Local Memory 2 Local Memory N1 Local Memory N Shared Memory In the first example, each processor is doing the same thing to a different data set. For example, each processor might be computing the grades for a different class. In the second example, each processor is contributing to the grade for the same class. The third approach is to have different processors doing different things with different data. This configuration allows processors to work independently much of the time, but introduces problems of coordination among the processors. This leads to a configuration where the processors each have a local memory
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Unformatted text preview: and a shared memory. The processors use the shared memory for communication, and the configuration is thus called a shared-memory configuration. See Figure 5.8. 5.4 Interpreting Ads Walter S. Mossberg, a columnist for The Wall Street Journal , listed items to watch out for when shopping for a personal computer. 3 Here are a few of his points that are relevant to the jargon in computer ads. Increased processor speed does not necessarily mean better performance in tasks such as web surfing, e-mail, and word processing as long as the machine has sufficient memory. That is, the more memory you have, the less powerful the processor needs to be. Be aware, however, that the total...
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