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Ethical Issues 135 Facial Recognition/Privacy Forgot your password? Not a problem! Lost your ID? No need to worry! Soon, your face may be the only key you need to access ATMs, enter secure buildings, or log on to your e-mail. Facial recognition technology, until recently relegated to the realm of science fiction, is now becoming a central security feature for companies and organiza- tions all over the world. Facial recognition is an identity verification technique that matches the structure of a person’s face to his/her picture with over 99% accu- racy. While only recently gaining the public’s attention, facial recogni- tion technology has been in development for well over a decade and has been used for commercial purposes since 1997. It is a branch of biometrics, an increasingly popular method of identity verification that is more reliable than traditional codes, pictures, and passwords. Biometric technology takes unique physical characteristics, such as
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