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Problem solving The act of finding a solution to a perplexing question 142 Chapter 6 Problem Solving and Algorithm Design Goals After studying this chapter, you should be able to ± determine whether a problem is suitable for a computer solution. ± describe the computer problem-solving process and relate it to Polya’s How to Solve It list. ± distinguish between following an algorithm and developing one. ± apply top-down design methodology to develop an algorithm to solve a problem. ± define the key terms in object-oriented design. ± apply object-oriented design methodology to develop a collection of inter- acting objects to solve a problem. ± discuss the following threads as they relate to problem solving: informa- tion hiding, abstraction, naming things, and testing. 6.1 Problem Solving What do the words problem solving mean to you? Do they evoke images of a child drearily working on a photocopied math worksheet? Of a farmer trying to get his hay in before the storm comes? Of your mother trying to
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