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6.1 Problem Solving 143 and Pakistan. The computer cannot be used to solve problems involving physical activity or emotions. Furthermore, the computer can do nothing without being told what to do. A computer is not intelligent. It cannot analyze a problem and come up with a solution. A human (the programmer ) must analyze the problem, develop the instructions for solving the problem (the program ), and then have the computer carry out the instructions. What’s the advantage of using a computer if it can’t solve problems? Well, once we have written a solution for the computer, the computer can repeat the solution very quickly and consistently, again and again, for different situ- ations and data. The computer frees people from repetitive and boring tasks. The computer can be used to make the math worksheet more interesting (and less dreary) by letting the student interact with a computer-based worksheet. The student can see the worksheet on the screen and enter the solutions. The program can check the answers and give feedback to the
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