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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 178

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 178 - 6.2 Top-Down...

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Top-down design A technique for developing a program in which the problem is divided into more easily handled subproblems, the solu- tions of which create a solution to the overall problem Module A self- contained collection of steps that solves a problem or subproblem 6.2 Top-Down Design 151 As we said in Chapter 5, computing has its jargon; so does cooking. Repeat and While are terms that have meaning within the context of programming. Bubbling is a term that any cook recognizes. In our recipe analogy, someone else undertook the algorithm develop- ment phase and, hopefully, the implementation phase, including the testing. When we make the Hollandaise sauce, we are in the maintenance phase. We are using a recipe that someone else developed and tested. Developing an Algorithm We looked briefly at developing an algorithm when we looked at applying the problem-solving strategies to the problem of giving directions. We asked questions and looked at several alternatives. Humans are involved in
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