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154 Chapter 6 Problem Solving and Algorithm Design above. As humans we could probably take the level 2 modules and do them from this description. In computing, we would have to break them down into much finer detail. For example, Write down names would have to be at the following level of detail: Our top-down design for giving a party might be quite different. If we had a great little delicatessen down the block, we could let them cater the party. Then the main module would be: Invite the people Call the delicatessen
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Unformatted text preview: Do you have paper? No, get paper. Do you have a pen? No, get a pen. Pick up pen. Put pen to paper. etc. Main module Prepare food Invite people Make list Call people Plan menu Get phone numbers While more to call Call Mark list Get cook books Look for suggestions Decide on food Write down names Wait a day Check list Add to list Make a list Call the people Plan the menu Shop for food Cook the food Invite the people Prepare the food Level 1 2 Figure 6.6 Subdividing the party planning...
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