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6.2 Top-Down Design 155 To summarize, the main module specifies the names of tasks. Each name of a task needs to be expanded at a lower level unless the task is completely specified. This is true of each level. There are as many modules at level 1 as there are names of tasks at level 0 that are not completely specified, and so on for each successive level. A Computer Example Let’s leave the social analogy now and look at the process applied to a problem whose solution can be implemented in a computer. We can use English sentences or pseudocode to express our algorithms. The algorithm format that we have used is an example of pseudocode. As we go along we introduce certain English words that have special meaning in our pseudocode. For example, we used the words While and Repeat to express that certain statements were to be repeated. We use the word If to indicate that we are asking a question and only one of two statements or groups of statements will be used. We said previously that the computer could be used to help with an
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