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Information Any knowledge that can be communicated Data Information in a form that a computer can use 156 Chapter 6 Problem Solving and Algorithm Design complete, the list is sorted. We can now write our main module, substi- tuting list for tablet. Now we must further specify the first task: Enter names into list . As we indicated, the human must gather the information beforehand. The process of entering the names involves the human keying in the names. This can be done in an interactive fashion, where the computer gives a prompt for information (data) to be entered and the user keys in the information as prompted, or the data can be entered beforehand and the computer just reads it from disk. Let’s have this algorithm enter the data interactively. Note that we have talked about using shorthand for entering the names and the associated data. In the last paragraph, we used the words information and data . These are common words, and we’ve used them interchangeably until now. But let’s
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