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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 187

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 187 - 160 Chapter 6...

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160 Chapter 6 Problem Solving and Algorithm Design Summary of Methodology The top-down methodology can be broken down into four major steps: 1. Analyze the Problem Understand the problem! List the information you have to work with. This information is probably going to be the data in the problem. Specify what the solution is to look like. If it is a report, specify the format. List any assumptions that you are making about the problem or the information. Think. How would you solve the problem by hand? Develop an overall algorithm or general plan of attack. 2. Write the Main Module Use English or pseudocode to restate the problem in the main module. Use module names to divide the problem into functional areas. If the main module is too long, you are including too much detail for this level. Intro- duce any control structures that are needed at this point. Re-sequence logi- cally, if needed. Postpone details to lower levels.
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