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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 189

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 189 - 162 Chapter 6...

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Desk checking Tracing the execution of a design on paper Walk-through A manual simulation of a design, performed by a team Inspection A verifica- tion method in which one member of the team reads the design line by line and the others point out errors 162 Chapter 6 Problem Solving and Algorithm Design The first step tells us what to do if there is missing data. The next sets up a looping situation that continues as long as there is more data to be read. The first step in the loop describes how the name is to be entered; the next step reads the data. We assume that the user enters the data correctly and that the read executes correctly; therefore, the name is stored in the lastFirst part of the name. The same logic can be applied to the next three pairs of statements. The first specifies how the user is to input the data; the second reads the data. We have now verified this module. We ask you to finish verifying this design in the exercises.
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