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Object An entity or thing that is relevant in the context of a problem Object class or class A description of a group of objects with similar properties and behaviors Fields Named items in a class; can be data or subprograms Method A named algorithm that defines one aspect of the behavior of a class Containment A mech- anism whereby one class contains an object of another class as a field Inheritance A mecha- nism by which one class acquires the properties— data fields and methods—of another class 6.3 Object-Oriented Design 163 solution produces a hierarchy of tasks. Object-oriented design is a problem-solving methodology that produces a solution to a problem in terms of self-contained entities called objects , which are composed of both data and operations that manipulate the data. Object-oriented design focuses on the objects and their interactions within a problem. Object Orientation Data and the algorithms that manipulate the data are bundled together in the object-oriented view, thus making each object responsible for its own
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