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6.3 Object-Oriented Design 165 Scenarios is the stage in which the behavior of each class is determined. Because each class is responsible for its own behavior, we call the behaviors responsibil- ities. In this stage, “what if” questions are explored to be sure that all situations are examined. When all of the responsibilities of each class have been determined, they are recorded on the class’s CRC card, along with the names of any other classes with which it must collaborate (interact) to complete its responsibility. Responsibility algorithms , the last stage, is where the algorithms are written for each of the responsibilities outlined on the CRC cards. Now you can see where the term CRC comes from: Class, Responsibility, and Collaboration. Let’s look at each of these stages in a little more detail. Brainstorming What is brainstorming ? The dictionary defines it as a group problem-solving technique that involves the spontaneous contribution of ideas from all members of the group. 4
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