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166 Chapter 6 Problem Solving and Algorithm Design Belin and Simone list four principles of successful brainstorming. 5 First and foremost, all ideas are potential good ideas. It is imperative that the members of the group don’t censor their own ideas or make judgments out of hand on others’ ideas. The next principle relates to pace: Think fast and furiously first, and ponder later. The faster the pace at first, the better the creative juices flow. Thirdly, give every voice a turn. To slow down those predisposed to hog the conversation and spur those reluctant to talk, use a rotation. Continue the pattern until team members are truly forced to “pass” because they are out of ideas. Lastly, a little humor can be a powerful force. Humor helps convert a random group into a cohesive team. In the context of object-oriented problem solving, brainstorming is a group activity designed to produce a list of candidate classes to be used to solve a particular problem. Belin and Simone point out that although each
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