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6.3 Object-Oriented Design 175 Class Name: SortedList (from library) Superclass: Subclasses: Responsibilities Collaborations Insert (person) Print Person Person What about the list object? Should the list keep the items in alphabetical order or should the list sort the items before printing them? Each language in which we might implement this design has a library of container classes available for use. Let’s use one of these, which keeps the list in alphabetic order. This library class should also print the list. We can create a CRC
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Unformatted text preview: card for this class, but mark that it most likely will be implemented using a library class. Responsibility Algorithms Person class There are two responsibilities to be decomposed: initialize and print. Because each of the fields of the class is a class, we can just let each initialize and print itself. Print name.Print() address.Print() telephone.Print() email.Print() Initialize name.Initialize() address.Initialize() telephone.Initialize() email.Initialize()...
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