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182 Chapter 6 Problem Solving and Algorithm Design Data abstraction pg. 178 Desk checking pg. 162 Encapsulation pg. 167 Fields pg. 163 Information pg. 156 Information hiding pg. 177 Inheritance pg. 163 Inspection pg. 162 Method pg. 163 Module pg. 151 Object pg. 163 Object class or class pg. 163 Problem solving pg. 142 Procedural abstraction pg. 178 Program pg. 179 Programming language pg. 179 Semantics pg. 179 Sort key pg. 158 Sorting pg. 158 Syntax pg. 179 Top-down design pg. 151 Walk-through pg. 162 Exercises 1. List the four steps in Polya’s How-To-Solve-It list. 2. Describe the four steps listed in Exercise 1 in your own words. 3. List the problem-solving strategies discussed in this chapter. 4. Apply the problem-solving strategies to the following situations. a. Buying a toy for your four-year-old cousin b. Organizing an awards banquet for your soccer team
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Unformatted text preview: c. Buying a dress or suit for an awards banquet at which you are being honored 5. Examine the solutions in Exercise 4 and determine three things they have in common. 6. What is an algorithm? 7. Write an algorithm for the following tasks. a. Making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich b. Getting up in the morning c. Doing your homework d. Driving home in the afternoon 8. List the three phases of the computer problem-solving model. 9. How does the computer problem-solving model differ from Polya’s? 10. Describe the steps in the algorithm development phase. 11. Describe the steps in the implementation phase. 12. Describe the steps in the maintenance phase. 13. Look up a recipe for chocolate brownies in a cookbook and answer the following questions....
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