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Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 212

Dale - Computer Science Illuminated 212 - her have it What...

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Thought Questions 1. Distinguish between a program that the CPU can execute directly and a program that must be translated. 2. Top-down design and object-oriented design both create scaffolding that is used to write a program. Isn’t all this scaffolding just a waste of effort? Is it ever used again? Of what value is it after the program is up and running? 3. Which of the problem-solving strategies do you use the most? Can you think of some others that you use? Would they be appropriate for computing problem solving? 4. A friend who is taking a course that you took last year comes to you and asks to see the term paper you wrote for the class last year. Would you let her see it? If you know that she would copy it, would you let
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Unformatted text preview: her have it? What are the moral issues involved in letting a friend see material you submitted for a current course? A previous course? 5. Friends who are taking a programming course with you say that they have found a web site with solutions to the programming assignments in the textbook. What would you do? Would you tell the instructor? Would you look at the solutions? Would you turn in a solution as your own? 6. You find a great home page on a web site. What are the ethical issues involved with downloading the source code and replacing your name and information on the page and using it on your home page? ? Thought Questions 185...
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